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    finnegan sullivan
    Played By Crescendo
    ALIGNMENT Neutral Good MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE ENFJ-T TEMPERAMENT Sanguine LIKES Strawberries, Music, Learning new things, The smell right before it rains, The circus, Dreaming, Traveling, Soft things, Pink, Animals, Pain, Honesty, Gambling, Painting, Night time stars, Day dreaming, brightly colored furniture, exploring, slinkies, lace, no bake cookies, heart-felt conversations, and adrenaline rushes.
    DISLIKES Liars, Thieves, Snakes, Being Silenced, Small spaces, Dying alone, getting lost forever, the corruption, getting too attached, lightning, emotional pain, coffee, most alcohol, the cold, watching people suffer, greedy people, having his things broken, losing things, and excessive messes.
    POSITIVES ✔ Curious
    ✔ Tidy
    ✔ Generous
    ✔ Adventurous
    ✔ Playful
    ✔ Friendly
    ✔ Imaginative
    ✔ Attentive
    ✔ Observant
    ✔ Affectionate
    NEGATIVES - Nosy
    - Picky
    - Judgmental
    - Clumsy
    - Insecure
    - Possessive
    - Morbid
    - Disruptive
    - Impractical
    - Compulsive
    Finnegan was born in central twenty three years ago to a loving and doting pair that worked themselves ragged to make sure that he had everything he could ever want in life. Even if their family funds could barely afford to do so. He was lead through life with the wool pulled over his eyes until the very day that his parents split up. It had all seemed so sudden to him, he couldn't understand it, what had gone wrong? It threw him off for some time and eventually he began to suppress the distress that it caused him. He went on with his life with it blocked out of his field of vision. Escaping from it through means of gambling and using the gate to keep himself from thinking too much about how what he'd viewed as the perfect relationship had crumbled. How his family had fallen apart.

    When did the corruption begin? Where had it begun? He couldn't recall, he couldn't even recall what the first signs of it he saw were, but eventually he'd caught on to it's existence the same way that the rest of the world had. What he did not expect was the hold that it had obtained over his mother and his friends in school. Eventually, he knew more people who were falling victim to the abnormalities the corruption caused and then the hold on his mother it had grew. He woke up one evening to find himself in a place that was not his home. He could not tell whether it was reality anymore or not. It didn't feel like surreality or reality, had the line become so blurred, he did not know how it had.

    He was lost for some time, in a place he did not know, but eventually he found his way back home. However, when he arrived his home was not the same as it had been. His mother was gone, his father lived where she once had within their family home, and his father's new family as well. He was told that his mother had disappeared some time ago and that they believed he 'd gone with her. Everything was disrupted, his whole life was a struggle of trying to figure out where he belonged, and what the world was becoming.

    Now, a man on his own, he has taken up the job of archiving the abnormalities for public record. He hunts down the corruption, the corrupted, the creations built from the corruption, and the creatures the likes there of. He records, documents them, and he archives the information as a way of regaining the control he felt he lost so long ago. Though how long ago was it anymore? Where did time come and go? What year was it now? How much of their world was going to be swallowed up? These were things that he desired to know and so he seeks this knowledge actively on his own.

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    SURREALITY: the brand new form of dream-based social media that took the world by storm. In 2055, when the world-renowned company Voltec first released the thin headband-like device, dubbed “Surreality’s Gate,” no one could’ve expected it to usher in the next era of technological revolution. True to its name, the device was a gateway to the dream-sharing realm of "Surreality;" however, despite its popularity, no one outside of the company seemed to know anything about the actual science behind Voltec’s tamper-proof invention... or the side-effects associated with its use.
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