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    Welcome back; your last visit was on Today
    Wanna join? The information center has a helpful guide on how to get started as a member, plus any info you might need regarding general site knowledge and mechanics.
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    Aug 11 2018, 07:59 PM by zixao
    If you want to request help from staff or just need a question answered, this is the place to go. Face claim and member directories can also be found here.
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    Anything to do with character development and keeping track of it belongs here; so stuff like plotters, trackers, inventories, and various templates related to them.
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    Aug 12 2018, 02:10 PM by wicker
    Ongoing site events are always posted here. Check them out to see if you wanna participate and maybe earn some sick rewards in the process; remember though, the sickest reward is just having fun!
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    Jul 27 2018, 09:31 PM by ivory wynter
    Thirsty for some extra points to spend in the shop? Look no further; everything you need to get some more points in your pocket is in here!
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    Aug 13 2018, 06:57 PM by niles rowe
    Although not large in comparison to Central’s four quarters, the epicenter of the city always seems busy, no matter the hour. Whether people go to try and get a glimpse of Voltec’s celebrities entering or leaving their work building, want to spend a relaxing day in the park-like area, or are just passing through on their way to a different district, the epicenter is a popular place. Motor vehicles are restricted here, so the most popular ways to travel are by foot or bike.
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    Aug 13 2018, 06:27 PM by artemis faust
    Having a expensive vibe, Northern Park (AKA “North Central”) is the Mecca for erudites with upscale lifestyles. Home to fancy restaurants and universities, this quarter is definitely a little more posh than Central’s other areas.
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    The true "miscellaneous" quarter, East District (AKA "East Central") has all walks of life. With skyscrapers for miles and a bustling business district, this area is a true cityscape. Other than the Voltec building, the East District skyline is usually what people picture when imagining Central.
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    If you’re looking for a good time, Southside is the place to be. With a vibrant night scene and entertainment district, it’s no surprise that South Central’s one of the more popular of the quarters. There’s bars, movie theaters, clubs, cheap restaurants, and a thriving red light district. It’s beautiful, with bright lights and food trucks lining the streets. Even during the day, the area’s is still thriving.
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    Aug 13 2018, 06:42 PM by lady justice
    If you're interested in roleplaying in an uncorrupted area outside of Central, you can use this board. As long as it can feasibly exist in the real world and you don't create your own lore for a specific area, feel free to be creative. Please read the FAQ before posting here.
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    Yesterday at 10:36 pm by azazel barone
    Also dubbed "West Central," West Bay is the quarter devoted to those who enjoy the outdoors. Despite its natural appearance, the sandy coastline, thick forests, and small offshore island are completely manmade. West Bay's area is far larger than any of the city's other "quarters" in order to distance it from the cityscape and to give it a truer, more "nature-like" feel.
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    If you're interested in roleplaying in a corrupted zone outside of Central, you can use this board. Feel free to create whatever setting you'd like, but make sure to put as much description as you need to within your first post; after all, you're only allowed to customize the setting up until a staff member joins to make it a moderated thread.
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    Yesterday at 11:05 pm by zixao
    As surreality's main city, Parallel is the dream world's hub of activity. It's only natural, though, considering the area's design is based off of Central's own. Like the real city, Parallel has five distinct areas, however, each district has a distinct theme related to it...
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    Aug 12 2018, 07:18 PM by cyrus kessler
    Primordia exists because of, and for, those with an affinity for nature. This part of Surreality is a sprawling, unpredictable wilderness that contains a plethora of different biomes. At the heart lies a vast, multi-level city, aptly named 'Heartland', built into a tower that starts underground and spirals all the way up into the distant heavens.
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    Subforums: subterra, understory, stratos
    Although not technically a river like the name implies, the Waters of Lethe is an area of surreality that is completely forgotten; those who are there are unaware they've passed through the waters and once they leave, memories of the experience there are purged. In actuality, the Waters of Lethe is a gate to alternate timelines and dimensions... In other words, this is your "alternate universe" board.
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    Aug 13 2018, 08:25 PM by dei lucrii
    If you'd like to come up with your own surreality setting outside the ones provided, this is the board for you.
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    Jul 25 2018, 02:46 AM by animus
    Come to the lounge to hang out with other members! Divulge all sorts of personal secrets to one another via forum games — or post up an absence notice if you're gonna be gone. Code and graphics testing and requests can also be found here.
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    Today at 05:42 am by Lupine
    Hey there, guests! Whether you'd like to apply to be an affiliate/sister site, ask a question, or post an ad on our advertisements board, this is the board to do it in!
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    SURREALITY: the brand new form of dream-based social media that took the world by storm. In 2055, when the world-renowned company Voltec first released the thin headband-like device, dubbed “Surreality’s Gate,” no one could’ve expected it to usher in the next era of technological revolution. True to its name, the device was a gateway to the dream-sharing realm of "Surreality;" however, despite its popularity, no one outside of the company seemed to know anything about the actual science behind Voltec’s tamper-proof invention... or the side-effects associated with its use.
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